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JSF Discussion Session (Exports to Europe: Moving Forward)

Discussion Session - Exports to Europe: Moving Forward    As part of Jordan Strategy Forums initiative to keep abreast of the latest economic developments, of which the relaxing rules of origin with the EU is of the most significant, JSF held a ‘Discussion over Breakfast’ titled ‘Exports to Europe: Moving Forward’. The event was held in order to discuss the challenges and obstacles faced by Jordanian industrialists in this regard; and to formulate practical solutions and recommendations. This was accomplished through the contributions of Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Mr. Yusuf Shamali, the Chairman of the Jordan Chamber of Industry Mr. Adnan Abu Al-Ragheb, and the Chairman of the Amman Chamber of Industry Mr. Ziad Al-Humsi; as well as the presence of a number of Ambassadors and representatives of EU countries, JSF members, industrialists, and those maintaining an interest in economic affairs. The event was graciously sponsored by Umniah.     To view the Presentation given by Ms. Hala Zawati To view the pictures of the event To view JSF Study "Relaxing Rules of Origin: A Necessary Step Towards Expanding Jordanian Exports