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Discussion Session: "Effective Implementation Of PPP Projects Within Government's Action Plan"

Jordan Strategy Forum held an event titled "Effective Implementation of PPP Projects within Government's Action Plan" under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr. Omar Razzaz and with the attendance of the economic team. The aim of the event was to launch several projects within the Government's priorities and action plan highlighting potential areas in which the private sector can contribute. The projects were categorized under the following four main pillars: Energy and Water, Exports of Goods and Services, Tourism/Medical Tourism, and Investment and Entrepreneurship.

Representatives of governmental commissions, along with a broad list of executives from private sector companies, community based organizations (CBOs), and donor agencies have attended the event, in addition to members of the parliament and the House of Senates. Heads of professional associations, were present, along with heads of both the chamber of commerce and trade, and representatives from sectorial organizations.
The event was sponsored by: STS, Citi Bank, Cementra, National Paints, Jordan Islamic Bank, EY, NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions, Ayla, Jordanian Duty Free Shops, Kawar Energy, Jordan Commercial Bank, and NatHealth.

The opening session was followed by four breakout sessions, where H.E Dr. Razzaz and the relevant ministers have discussed several projects in which the private sector can collaborate with the government. Companies of the private sector, chambers of commerce and trade,  and CBOs have all shared their suggestions on how to tackle the potential challenges that may come up during the implementation of the proposed projects. Other suggestions included expansions of the proposed projects that further serve the desired outputs.

By the end of the breakout sessions, the private and the public sectors have agreed on the next steps that are necessary for a pragmatic implementation of the action plans, and all of which shall be reflected by an increased incentive for investment, and a tangible amelioration of people’s lives in the near future.