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JSF Organized A Discussion Panel To Review Top Amendments To The Social Security Law.

The Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) on Tuesday organised a discussion panel to review top amendments to the Social Security Law. 

JSF Chairman Abdelelah Khatib stressed the important role of the Social Security Corporation (SSC) at the humanitarian, social and economic levels, according to a JSF statement.

JSF CEO Nisrin Barakat said that the session aimed to discuss amendments to the law, which included reducing the percentages of subscriptions for youth who first join the labour market and knowing the expected impact of youth employment. 

Barakat added that increasing the age of early retirement to 55 among males and 52 among females might be the most favoured amendment for all stakeholders. 

SSC Director General Hazem Rahahleh said that the compulsory subscription of workers aims to protect them, adding that the SSC’s role in not limited to early retirement and pensions rather than having other insurances that provide care for workers in case of their disability or workplace injuries. 

Rahahleh noted that the SSC currently covers 1.394 million active subscribers, adding that the corporation aspires to include all workers and citizens to provide protection for working individuals and their families, which is a very important strategic goal that the SSC seeks to realise. 

The director noted that the suggested amendments include four main aspects: Financial sustainability, stimulation, response and social protection, expressing the corporation’s keenness to reach a draft law that achieves further social justice among subscribers.