JSF Committees

Content Committee:

The Content Committee is considered the backbone of the work at JSF. This committee supervises the content of the forum by defining the research areas for JSF to focus on. The content committee suggests and identifies external researchers to prepare studies, in addition to providing feedback and evaluating the papers prepared by researchers.

The content committee strengthens JSF’s presence as a center for economic research in Jordan by working on strategies for developing Jordanian competencies to keep pace with the latest technological developments. The content committee will also assess labor market issues and support the existence of a public sector capable of developing the investment business environment in partnership with the private sector.


The committee decided to focus on four main research themes that align with global trends and relevant economic issues, which are:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Education and the Labor Market
  • Public Sector Reform
  • Investment Ecosystem

Content Committee Members:

  • Bisher Jardaneh – ArabTech Jardaneh (Head of the Committee)
  • Waleed Tahbsem– Integrated Technology Group (Head of Education and the Labor Market Pillar)
  • Samar Obeid – Ernst & Young (Head of Public Sector Reform Pillar)
  • Ayman Mazahrah – Specialized Technical Services (STS) (Head of Digital Transformation Pillar)
  • Mohammad Amawi – Amawi, Takrouri & Associates (Head of the Investment Ecosystem Pillar)
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