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22 Apr 2019
Jordan Strategy Forum held on its annual General Assembly meeting chaired by Mr. Abdelelah Khatib,  JSF Chairman, with the attendance of 48 members of JSF, the legal advisor and the external auditor of the Forum.
17 Apr 2019
Jordan Strategy Forum held a Focus Group meeting for the law firms – members of JSF, with the participation of Endeavor and Companies Control Department, to follow up on drafting the Startup Act, the meeting tackled legal and regulatory aspects  that need to
06 Apr 2019
GTIPA represent a network of over 30 independent, like-minded think tanks and research institutions from throughout the world who share a common vision that trade, globalization, and innovation—supported by governments on market-based terms—can produce
04 Apr 2019
On 4 April, 2019, Jordan Strategy Forum hosted Mayor of Amman, H.E. Dr. Yousef Shawarbeh in a discussion session entitled: “Amman Municipality: Integration of Roles for a Smart and Resilient City”, where the mayor announced a number of procedures and
24 Mar 2019
Jordan Strategy Forum held a Focus Group Meeting with H.E Eng. Muthanna Gharaibeh – Minister of ICT, World Bank experts, J-Core members, and Companies Controller H.E. Ramzi Nuzha, in addition to representatives form law firms – members of JSF to discuss the
20 Mar 2019
On Wednesday 20 March 2019, the World Bank representatives met with JSF members and scholars to discuss the findings of their Job Diagnostic Report for Jordan.
18 Mar 2019
On Monday 18 March 2019, the EU delegation hosted Dr. Ibrahim Saif – JSF CEO to talk about “Economic Hardship in Jordan”, at the EU Deputy Chief of Missions meeting, Dr. Saif presented key economic challenges Jordan is facing along with JSF recommendations to
13 Mar 2019
JSF held a round table discussion with Dr. Bessma Momani - Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo and the Balsillie School of International Affairs, where she presented her book about the IMF and gave a closer look at the global
12 Mar 2019
CEO of Jordan Strategy Forum, Dr. Ibrahim Saif participated in the 6th Annual Conference for the Academy of International Business AIB - MENA Chapter, held at the University of Jordan, the conference intended to discuss the challenges and opportunities in
04 Mar 2019
Jordan Strategy Forum hosted a Round Table Discussion with Dr. Sufyan Al Issa- the Regional Head of Operations for MENA Region at the International Finance Corporation (IFC)


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