Jordan Strategy Forum is a leading think tank on Economic development. Founded on August 30, 2012, JSF was formed in order to enable the private sector to engage in constructive dialogue on local economic issues and achieve comprehensive economic development.
The establishment of a successful private sector that is responsible and dedicated to achieving profitability, employs Jordanians, pays taxes, supports comprehensive economic growth in Jordan, and committed to good governance and corporate social responsibility.
A strong, competitive and sustainable economy that utilizes national capabilities to achieve higher prosperity for Jordanians.
Amplify and strengthen the role of the private sector in continuous and sustainable development in Jordan.

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05 Sep 2018
Jordan Strategy Forum’s Jordan Investor Confidence Index has decreased in June 2018 to reach 74.28 points in comparison to 80.42 points in May 2018 (6.1...
25 Jul 2018
Jordan Strategy Forum’s Jordan Investor Confidence Index has decreased in May 2018 to reach 80.42 points in comparison to 84.32 points in April 2018 (3.9...


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The New Tax Law in Jordan & The Global Competitiveness Index: The Connection! - August 2018 is...
Forum works with a team of researchers to study specific sectors and issues, and the associated...
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