The World Bank: Jordan can invest potential opportunities and resources to accelerate growth


02 Mar 2022

In a roundtable discussion held by the Jordan Strategy Forum:

The World Bank: Jordan can invest potential opportunities and resources to accelerate growth

The Jordan Strategy Forum held a roundtable discussion with global directors at the World Bank Group, with the participation of Jordan Strategy Forum members from the private sector and subject matter experts at the World Bank. Participants discussed the Jordanian private sector’s views on priority areas for reform in the business environment. In addition to potential investment opportunities and the government’s efforts to increase investment.

During the session, the directors of the World Bank stressed the need to invest in potential opportunities and available resources in Jordan to accelerate growth, reduce poverty, and unemployment rates through tech adoption and transformation, and focus on the promising sectors such as tourism, agriculture, financial services, manufacturing, and exports. Pointing out that the World Bank perceives those sectors as a priority for Jordan. The directors also emphasized the need to promote Public-Private partnerships to increase investments within these sectors, enabling more job creation and productivity, and hence positively reflecting on the public debt ratio.

JSF members discussed the challenges of doing business and investment in Jordan, especially those associated with the small and medium companies operating in the market. JSF members also highlighted ways to boost female workforce participation and achieve financial stability to foster sustainability, stressing the need for Jordan to invest in the green economy and energy sectors.

The roundtable discussion comes as part of JSF’s effort to reach out to local and international organizations and stakeholders to promote constructive engagement and dialogue on pressing economic developments and highlight the private sector’s critical role in achieving the desired growth and job creation.

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