JSF hosts H.E Dr. Mohammad Al Ississ


30 Jun 2020

In an online discussion, Jordan Strategy Forum hosted the Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohammad Al-Ississ to discuss the recent updates of fiscal policy and how to adapt to the on-going economic developments due to COVID-19.


Al-Ississ stressed the importance of tackling tax evasion to build a competitive and fair business environment for all, where he revealed that “the private sector, have expressed frustration in the unfairness enjoyed by companies which are capable of evading and avoiding tax. In tackling these practices, we are creating a level-playing field for healthy competition between firms. The Minister added that the “international rankings have shown that the presence of tax evasion negates Jordan’s investment competitiveness, particularly to corporations that we would like to attract whose value consistency and best practice.”


Additionally, Al-Ississ said that the government is following a long- term strategy to change the tax culture among Jordanians in order to reach a sustainable tax collection methods. “A culture of tax evasion cannot be overhauled overnight. In the spirit of building a new strategic partnership, we are actively open to settlements and a fresh start. Also, we are encouraging compliance through an expedited dispute resolution system, and Gold List services for the most conforming firms,” Al-Ississ said. Moreover, Al-Ississ added that the government has the will to articulate a framework that organizes the auditing standards that govern anti-tax-evasion efforts.


Regarding the stability of the fiscal and monetary situation, Al-Ississ assured that Jordan have very strong ties with the IMF, the World Bank and other international organizations  built on trust and mutual understanding. This relationship aims to ensure the resilience of the Jordanian monetary and fiscal situation, according to Al-Ississ.

Moreover, Dr. Ibrahim Saif, the CEO of Jordan strategy forum said that the ‘JSF’ is highly interested in building new bridges with the government to take public private partnership to new stages beyond only investments. Saif assured that the JSF and the private sector would spare no effort to help the government in enforcing law and tackling tax evasion to accelerate the recovery of the Jordanian economy. Dr. Saif also said that Jordan Strategy Forum is ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Finance and the Income Tax Department in communicating global best practices and preparing practical plans to eliminate tax evasion in all of its forms.



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