Jordan Strategy Forum Issues Jordan Investor Confidence Index Update for September 2018


31 Dec 2018

Jordan Investor Confidence Index

Update for September 2018

Jordan Strategy Forum’s Jordan Investor Confidence Index has decreased in September 2018 to reach 70.08 points in comparison to 72.39 points in August 2018 (2.31 points).

Confidence in the Real Economy Sub-Index witnessed a decrease by 0.81 points, to reach 113.14 points, as the capital of companies’ registered witnessed a decrease to reach 6.5 Million JDs in September 2018, and the manufacturing quantity production index decreased by 0.60 points to reach 94.70  points. However, the number of companies registered in September 2018 increased to reach 418 companies in comparison with 395 registered companies in August. In addition, the number of construction permits increased to reach 2227 permits in September in comparison with 2036 permits in August 2018, and the Tax on the monthly real estate volume increased by 0.7 to reach 8.10 Million JDs in September 2018.

The Monetary Sub-Index decreased slightly by 0.32 point to reach 73.06 points in September 2018, as the CBJ Gross Foreign Reserves dropped by 394.60  Million JDs to reach 10,779 Billion JDs for this month. The interest rate differential, however, remained at 4.25% since August 2018.

Confidence in the ASE Sub-Index observed a 1.18-point decrease to reach 83.88 points in September 2018, as the ASE index decreased by 10.18 points to reach 1975.6 points in September 2018. However, the ratio of inflows to outflows of foreign investment in ASE increased to reach 143% in September.

The Investor Confidence Index aims to measure the level of confidence investors have in its three sub-indices based on the sub-indices expected values according to its trends since 2007 up until now. A decrease in the value of one of the sub-indices despite increases in its indicators means that the indicators values fell below its expected values according to the trend. Similarly, an increase in any sub-index despite decreases in its indicators means that the indicators' values stay above its expected values according to the trend.

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