Jordan Strategy Forum hosts the President and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson Center Congresswoman Jane Harman


12 Dec 2019

On Thursday 12 December, 2019, Jordan Strategy Forum hosted the President and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson Center Congresswoman Jane Harman in a roundtable discussion with JSF board members to discuss the findings of the Wilson Center’s recent report, “Ready for Work: An Analysis of the Workforce Asymmetries in the Middle East and North Africa”.

Merissa Khurma, the project Director at Wilson Center, and researcher Alex Farely presented the findings of the report, and the trends and challenges in workforce development throughout the region, they also highlighted policy recommendations to overcome these challenges and increase employability.

Mrs. Jane Harman expressed that Jordan's results in the study undertaken by Wilson Center were promising, especially with regard to entrepreneurship. Harman also stressed the need to frame the cooperation between Wilson Center and Jordan Strategy Forum on a number of joint projects and research papers.

 JSF Chairman, Mr. Abdelelah Khatib stated that Wilson’s report is in line with JSF efforts in studying the labor market in Jordan, and recommending needed reforms and interventions aimed at improving employment prospects and the business environment in Jordan.


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