Jordan Strategy Forum hosts the former Prime Minister of Georgia Nika Gilauri in a round table discussion


28 Nov 2019

On Thursday 28/11/2019, Jordan Strategy Forum hosted the former Prime Minister of Georgia Nika Gilauri in a round table discussion with the participation of the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr. Wissam Al-Rabadi, and the Minister of Industry, Trade & Supply Dr. Tariq Hamouri, the Chairman of the Investment Commission Dr. Khaled Al-Wazani, and JSF members.

During the meeting, Gillauri presented his experience in government reform and economic recovery in different sectors during his service as a minister and later as a prime minister of Georgia. The reform led by Gillauri resulted in improving the economic growth rate in Georgia from (-9%) to (+8%), and moved Georgia’s rank from 112 to 9th worldwide in the Ease of Doing Business Report.

JSF Chairman, Mr. Abdelelah Khatib, expressed that the meeting represents an opportunity to discuss various challenges Jordan is facing, and to draw parallels between the two countries, that will enable to establish a framework for the next steps and priorities Jordan must undertake in the reform process, which will in turn  lead to inclusive economic growth and the prosperity of Jordanians.

Participants had a rich and engaging discussion with Gilauri on reforms in the business environment and financial and tax systems, and the possibility of applying these reforms in Jordan to achieve the desired economic growt


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