Jordan Strategy Forum Holds General Assembly Meeting and Elects Board for 2020-2023 Cycle


31 May 2020

Jordan Strategy Forum Holds General Assembly Meeting and Elects Board for 2020-2023 Cycle

Jordan Strategy Forum held its ordinary General Assembly meeting on Sunday, May 31st, 2020, headed by Chairman Abdelelah Khatib, via video technology. Sixty-five members attended, with a further 11 represented by delegates. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Ghassan Tanash, representing the Ministry of Culture, and the association's legal advisor, and forum’s auditor, Arab Professionals Co.

Jordan Strategy Forum CEO Dr. Ibrahim Saif presented the Forum’s key achievements in 2019, and the work plan and budget for 2020. External auditors from Arab Professional co. also presented the 2019 financial report, endorsed by General Assembly members. Arab Professional Co. was again chosen to act as external auditors in 2020.

JSF board members for the (2020-2023) cycle were elected unopposed during the meeting. Members included Mr. Abdelelah Khatib, elected as an individual member. Large enterprises members included the Jordan Carbonate Co., represented by Mr. Ayman Hatahet, Arabtech Jardaneh, represented by Eng. Bisher Jardaneh, Fine Hygienic Holding, represented by Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, Specialized Technical Services (STS), represented by Mr. Aiman Mazahreh, and Ernst & Young (EY), represented by Ms. Samar Obaid.

Medium enterprises included Sanad Law Group (in association with Eversheds), represented by Mr. Nadim Kayyali, and Kawar Energy Co., represented by Mr. Karim Kawar. Small enterprises are spoken for by Amawi, Takrouri & Associates (ATA), represented by Mohammad Amawi.

The new board held its first meeting after the General Assembly, moving to elect the chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and treasurer. Mr. Abdelelah Khatib was elected as the chairman, Mr. Karim Kawar was elected as vice chairman, Mr. Aiman Mazahreh was elected as treasurer, and Mr. Nadim Kayyali was elected as secretary.

On his part, Mr. Khatib said that the board elections came at a difficult and challenging time for Jordan’s economy, doubling the Forum’s responsibility and that of its administrative body in conducting studies and research to enable the Jordanian economy to recover and restore the productivity of all economic sectors. He added that JSF will work to its full potential to communicate the view of the private sector to the government and network with relevant authorities to surmount the challenges posed to the national economy by the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a stimulating environment for business in Jordan. Khatib also thanked previous board members for their efforts in bringing the Forum’s message and vision to its current state.



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